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Stock trading, ETF trading, Forex and e-minis made easy -- see top patterns for the upcoming trading week ahead with Ken Calhoun.
Note that in this video I do not make recommendations about buying, selling hor holding any specific instrument, as I am not a
registered investment advisor; all information is impersonally published for educational and information use only, to teach traders how
to spot specific entry patterns (such as micro-cup breakouts, volatility patterns, and candlestick patterns to learn from).


Trading Week Ahead Risk Management notes: In general, I like to focus on keeping stops as tight as possible, with the attitude that "I can always re-enter if it takes out new highs (for longs)". Guidelines: for stocks and ETFs priced $15-$70/share, I like using .08-.15 cent day trading stops, or 1 to 1.5 point swing trading stops. For Forex trading, 10-20 pips for intraday scalping, 120 pips for swings. For ES/e-minis day trades, 3 ticks max stops. Being wrong small, often, is necessary to trade the ones that do move in your favor.

All alerts are for papertrading and educational use only; consult with a registered investment advisor prior to making any trading decisions. Trade smart.

Note that all information is for educational use only, for you to learn specific support/resistance chart patterns with. I do not make recommendations about buying, selling hor holding any specific instrument, as I am not a registered investment advisor; all information is to teach you How to spot specific entry patterns (such as micro-cup breakouts, volatility patterns, and candlestick patterns to learn from).

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September 24 10:53AM

" love your approach and would be great to learn more."  - S.D.


September 24 10:40AM

"I enjoy the easy to understand way you present the material for someone like me."  - Mike H.


September 24 10:36AM

"Trading is all about planning carefully, and the week ahead is the basis for day trding"  - Dan G.


September 24 10:23AM

"Great! Can't wait to get this information for trading the week ahead."  - Perry S.


September 24 9:58AM

" first time visitor. interested in your perspective"  - Max R.


September 24 9:57AM

"This video helps to plan the trade and trade the plan."  - Braden F.


September 24 9:54AM

"For a beginning trader this is a great way to learn while making money."  - Ty D.


September 24 9:54AM

"Like getting that little bit of an edge on the week ahead. Make finding good trades easier to find."  - Ed C.


September 24 9:46AM

"gives me a edge on the coming week"  - Steve B.


September 24 9:38AM

"I would like to know about the action plan for the week ahead."  - S.V.


September 24 9:36AM

"'Trading Week Ahead' would help in two (2) ways. First, identifying anticipated FOREX pairs "potentially" worth considering and second what FOREX pairs to avoid trading. Since watching your ADX Mastery DVD (which I just got 2 days ago) I believe more justice has served my trading account by "avoiding bad trades through avoiding the chop", as finding higher viability trades."  - Ron P.


September 24 9:17AM

"That would be great to set up the upcoming trades."  - Hala A.


September 24 8:55AM

"Great to learn some great ideas from a trading specialist"  - Kwokei N.


September 24 7:24AM

"I look forward to your "Trading Week Ahead" videos, every weekend.  What a great way to get ready for the coming week.  Always actionable information.  Thanks!"  - Dale H.


September 24 5:38AM

"I like to learn at home, especially about current topics that help make money now."  - Harry M.


September 24 5:36AM

"love your techniques and would be great to watch you in action"  - HG.


September 24 5:08AM

"Looking forward to this webinar and learning how to see breakouts."  - John T.


September 24 4:28AM

"I like your common sense approach towards the market which can exploit plenty of opportunites in the market."  - Keat C.


September 24 2:51AM

"Your videos have been very helpfull to my trading the last few months." Chad C.


September 24 2:24AM

"The Boy Scouts have a motto "Be Prepared" So prepare now for the changing market."  - Dan W.


September 24 2:06AM

"Markets go up and down, a lot, lately.  It would be great to take advantage of it!
"  - Jimmy


September 24 2:01AM

"What I like best about "Trading the Week Ahead" is reviewing what's been moving, where it is today, what to watch for in the week ahead for whatever you like to trade best whether it's stocks,e-mini's, EFT's, pair's, forex, Ken cover's it all AND he answers ALL of our questions!"  - JaniceLynn J.


September 24 1:29AM

"Excellent idea, it gives the traders something to look at and analyze as the week progress."  - George M.


September 24 1:10AM

"Like your excellent webinar all the time!"  - Wen O.


September 24 1:02AM

"I am a beginner, and would love to see a video from an expert like you."  - Jane D.


September 24 12:26AM

"I don`t trade the American market,but it is very helpful  to get a bird`s eye view of the big world market."  - Heather P.


September 24 12:21AM

" I like the what if scenarios and advice of what you may attempt to do. Not just an outright prediction of what should happen."  - Todd B.


September 24 12:21AM

"Thanks for the insight...I'm looking forward to tomorrow's webinar."  - Les K.


September 24 12:16AM

"Really like the brief presentation starting with market overview then drilling down to specific stocks and etfs. Great insights to use for the week ahead, thanks!"  - MG


September 24 12:16AM

"Really like the brief presentation starting with market overview then drilling down to specific stocks and etfs. Great insights to use for the week ahead, thanks!"  - MG


September 23 11:49PM

"The only way of winning in this market is to trade it. That requires intense  skill."  - Ernie R.


September 23 11:41PM

"On target once again!! Professional analysis of the Market is most welcome at this time. Thank You Ken."  - Ann A.


September 23 11:38PM

" A great way to get develop an action plan for trading rather than relying on on the spot emotional trading decisions."  - Kim M.


September 23 11:32PM

"It's always beneficial to get the viewpoint and analysis of an accomplished, professional trader."  - Jen L.


September 23 11:18PM

"I like everything I've seen Ken Calhoun publish; gotten some great trading ideas from him!"  - Bill V.


September 23 11:14PM

"You see many things about the market that I would not be aware of on my own."  - Mike A.


September 23 10:21PM

"Advance heads-up to think about an action plan for trading instead of last minute emotional decisions."  - Kim M.


September 23 10:19PM

"Nice to see the stronger trends and to get insight into what to watch for the coming week"  - Nick N.


September 23 9:32PM

"Looking forward to learning how to trade breakouts w/these highly dynamic markets."  - Dennis D.


September 23 9:26PM

"Looking forward to your straight forward insights on how to deal with the present market from a trading perspective."  - Stephen C.


September 23 9:22PM

"I value Ken's opinion and I am looking forward to his take on the market next week."  - Bill B.


September 23 9:18PM

"Great presentation. Gives me a very clear focus on the trades to watch and why."  - Richard B.


September 23 9:15PM

"It gives me some trades to look at."  - Peter W.


September 23 8:49PM

"It is great to learn realistic perspective from an expert!"  - Ruzena K.


September 23 8:45PM

"Trading Week Ahead is like having a prediction of the future. Ken has the ability to comprehend the market and the ability to trade the market successfully. Ken also has the ability to teach his methods, in such a way that his students can successfully apply his methods in their trading."  - Tyrone P.


September 23 8:28PM

"Great to get some potential trade ideas. I can do some additional work and see if I want to take the trade."  - Jamie P.


September 23 7:42PM

"I really like this shorter, 15 minute format which captures the essence of the upcoming trading week. Thank you."  - Kate


September 23 2:26PM

"One can surely use all the help they can get in this market."  - Gary B.


September 23 6:48PM

"I like seeing how to better use today's information to identify tomorrow's higher probability entries and exits"  - Edward B.


September 23 6:37PM

"It is advantageous to be able to see and hear the week's projection from the viewpoint of a professional trader."  - Wendy M.


September 23 6:27PM

"Will be looking for your insight to the market we are in now."  - Tom G.


September 23 6:26PM

" I really need guidence, I check on  ETF prices prior to open- tna, tza, qld or qid etc and it has already gapped up $1 to $5 and I  do not trade .Is there a way to trade these large gaps  with minimum risk in these voilatle times?Always enjoy and appreciate the info you give at your webnars!"  - David C.


September 23 6:26PM

"Ken's webinars like Trading Week Head are a "must see" for anyone who is interested in learning to trade the right way."  - Feliciano P.


September 23 6:09PM

"I'm Very excited to learn this "trading week ahead" method!"  - Kan H.


September 23 6:05PM

"I know the caliber of info Ken gives us, so I look forward for this webinar"  - Jos A.


September 23 6:02PM

" HI Ken, I look fwd to these webinars as confirmation I'm on the right track. This week I had a good run on GBPUSD, GBPCHF, EURJPY, NZDUSD and a couple of others using your strategies.  One thing I've learnt is to have patience and let the trades come to me.  I used to chase trades and loose because I thought if the market is open I should have a trade on.  Now, thanks to your strategies, I'm winning more than I'm loosing.  Can't thank you enough. I like your teaching style. I'm learning alot. Cheers"  - John D.


September 23 5:56PM

"I do not have access to a scanner. Ken's videos point me to things that I would miss otherwise. Thank you."  - Louis I.


September 23 5:48PM

"Trading the Week ahead video is great prep work for the up coming trading week.  Thanks Ken for the great insights."  - James H.


September 23 5:39PM

"I like the idea of getting input on trading from a REAL TRADER, a guy who has been doing it for real for a long time! I'm fed up with the internet marketer sukka M. C.'s that talk trash like they're diseased! LOL! Keep on keeping it REAL, Ken! Rock on!"  - Eliot B.


September 23 5:37PM

"I like the heads up - thanks a lot"  - Tom S.


September 23 5:31PM

"This video gives me a heads up for the week ahead."  - Paul K.


September 23 5:17PM

"'Trading Week Ahead' gives me a heads up on what to look for in the upcoming week.  It is also excellent training.  Your approach is very comprehensive, a total emersion sort of thing.  One has to be able to see a stock from all perspectives--in terms of sector, time frame, price, trend, length of runs, what the general market is doing, etc.  There's no get rich quick stuff going on here.  And you gotta really understand what you're doing.  Gotta watch your back.  Gotta be fast.  Gotta use your head or pick another sport, because the market will play you like a fiddle and then hand you your head in a basket. Stock trading isn't easy, and all the extra training is not only welcome, but necessary."  - Leonard F.


September 23 5:08PM

"Ken Calhoun, free update for coming week.  Gee, really need to think if I want to hear an experts advice, especially from someone who is an actual trader as well   : )"  - Ted R.


September 23 5:05PM

"Nice to hear your opinion for the coming week"  - Jocelyn K.


September 23 5:01PM

"Cant wait to see how a professional looks at todays treachorous markets"  - Ken R.


September 23 5:00PM

"It gives a person a little perspective into the mkt outlook ahead of the week and what to watch for thank you"  - Ramona H.


September 23 4:54PM

"Trading week ahead is a good forex tutorial, i have been looking forward to."  - Dir A.


September 23 4:46PM

"Since I found out about Ken and followed some of his advice, I have been able to cut my losses substantially. Looking forward to turn it in to winning ways"  - T.S..


September 23 4:45PM

" The trading week ahead videos are very useful and great to see that you cover a wide range of possible trades"  - John W.


September 23 4:44PM

"I would love to have an idea of what next week holds for us!"  - Brian T.


September 23 4:44PM

"Watching a video is easier than reading and I like the enthusiasm in your voice when you talk about trading opportunities"  - Karin D.


September 23 4:38PM

"With current market volatility any heads up has got to be a great advantage, thanks Ken"  - Steve L.


September 23 4:25PM

"Trading week ahead is a great way to review the current market factors in play and plan for the immediate future of your trading plan. Every great team with a great playbook needs to review the dangers and opportunities of the very next play as each day presents unique situations."  - Jay W.


September 23 4:24PM

"Always helpful to find out what the pros are looking at."  - Steve P.


September 23 4:19PM

" It's great idea for me to get expert's idea on the week ahead in this highly volatile market."  - Maria C.


September 23 4:15PM

"ken here has practical very info and trading thoughts he generously shares."  - Tom N.


September 23 3:39PM

"You provide a great 'heads-up' on what to watch for in the market!"  - Barry S.


September 23 3:36PM

" I enjoy everyhing that is done by Ken as he is truly a master of everything that he espouses, including these videos."  - Larry G.


September 23 3:32PM

"Trading Week Ahead helps get traders into the habit of planning next week's trades before entering new positions."  -Shaun T.


September 23 3:08PM

"Hi, Ken. Trading week ahead webinar has become part of my Saturday schedule. On Saturdays without it, I feel like something is missing... Please, keep doing it !"  - Primoz R.


September 23 3:07PM

"I saw one of these videos a while back and it was great : Really looking forward to hear what you have say this week"  - Darren S.


September 23 2:26PM

"It has opened my eye to innovative ways of trading"  - Cini G.


September 23 2:19PM

"Ken's trading Week Ahead Videos always give me a heads up on some great trading opportunities I otherwise would have missed on my own."  - Joel A.


September 23 2:11PM

" these videos help me trade without emotion"  - AJ


September 23 2:00PM

"I would like to see what criteria you use to select trading opportunities."  - Henry Y.


September 23 1:55PM

"Gold situation and possiblities to find new trades.  Volatility oportunities."  - Joe N.


September 23 1:33PM

"On entry and exit, which is best indicator ."  - George J.


September 23 1:31PM

" I get good ideas on how to trade and enter and exit to maximize my gains. Thanks!"  - Erman C.


September 23 1:11PM

"What I like best about the "Trading Week Ahead" video is the focus on what is tradable for the coming week."  - John B.


September 23 1:03PM

" At this time of turbulent market conditions,Ken can really help us learn how to take advantage of this opportunity!"  - Maria K.


September 23 1:01PM

"I find this video very valuable because trading in such a volatile enviroment it's always good to have a bearing - to invest with confidence."  - Jorge M.


September 23 1:00PM

"very informative and good stretegy to trade, i like it very much, thanks"  - Ash D.


September 23 12:59PM

"I love your week ahead tips. As I get more into trading more I love  seeing how you size up the week ahead gives me a great advantage"  - Bud S.


September 23 12:57PM

"Trading Week Ahead is informative and helps me make trading decisions for the up coming week"  - Wayne J.


September 23 12:50PM

"I like to use it as conformation of my own feelings, plus I like the group feeling overall. thanks"  - Len M.


September 23 12:38PM

"You give great ideas for trades entries and exits for the next week."  - Mielke S.


September 23 12:34PM

"It is always good to learn  new strategies from an expert to follow and observe their methodology of trading so one can see if the host of the webinar  has any valid observations that  will play out in the trading week ahead"  - Paul A.


September 23 12:30PM

"Great refresher on picking entries and what to look for in these tricky markets.Thanks Ken."  - Martin L.


September 23 12:28PM

"I like your approach to breakouts or downs and perspective triggers."  - Roger B.


September 23 12:23PM

"Very detailed, informative and concise."  - Jerry V.


September 23 12:21PM

"Hi Ken, I find your Trading the Week Ahead webinars/videos very helpful in getting a "realistic" perspective on the potential moves for the coming week."  - Sheldon B.


September 23 12:16PM

"I best like the important and useful info provided to help me plan trading ideas and setups for swing trades in the coming week.  Thanks."  - JW

September 23 12:15PM

"Always get great insights from Ken C."  - Harold H.

September 23 12:13PM

"Nothing like being prepared. Ken's insight into the markets are spot on."  - Bill H.

September 23 12:07PM

"Wonderful idea to post trades so that we are guided ahead of the week and prepare thoroughly."  - Rajagopalan J.

September 23 12:04PM

"Ken's upbeat, friendly, clear presentation and concise, easy-to-grasp illustrations on clear, uncluttered charts accelerates my learning curve. He's obviously an experienced, gifted teacher who loves what he does. You can hear it in his voice."  - Chris R.


September 23 12:04PM

"Markets are so frantic, it helps to sit quietly and plan ahead for the next week as best we can."  - Xenia


September 23 12:00PM

"good practical real tips on how to be a wise trader"  - Lillian S.


September 23 11:58AM

" I always find these really useful as they reinforce good trading practice and its great to see the charts and what signs to look for from an experienced traders perspective."  - Karen S.


September 23 11:56AM

" I really like your broadmarket overview, and i have and still do learn a lot from you, especially your cup pattern, also like to have a watchlist for the coming week.."  - Bente T.


September 23 11:54AM

" I like to see what next weeks trades are setting up. As well as what I should have caught last week. Your meetings are always the most informative of any that I saw during the week. Thank you for the invitations."  - Mike S.


September 23 11:53AM

"Each week in the market presents more and more surprises.  I would like to feel a little more prepared each Monday morning.  Looking forward to this webinar!"  - Helen G.


September 23 11:45AM

"It simply can give good ideas of positions to trade which I may not have thought of."  - Steve K.


September 23 11:43AM

" Love the charting insight."  - Matt W.


September 23 11:42AM

"I like the overall market analysis.... Ur very spot on...."  - Frank G.


September 23 11:39AM

"I greatly value your easy to understand in plain language thorough analysis of how to trade the markets!"  - Gregory M.


September 23 11:39AM

"ts just what you say it is "ideas for the trading week ahead!""  - Charles T.


September 23 11:34AM

"prepare traders for the week ahead and giving a good head start"  - PC


September 23 11:34AM

"when it comes to giving good trading advice, nobody beats you Ken you are the best"  - John D.


September 23 11:34AM

"The Trading Week Ahead videos provide insights into  potential entries/exits ..."  - Larry D.


September 23 11:33AM

"The trading week ahead video give a good insight on how to trade the short term in term of strategies long or short"  - Eric R.


September 23 11:30AM

"I find these videos valuable because I am just in the beginning of trading picking up every (chance) I can get."  - Joergen P.


September 23 11:29AM

"It is always great to begin a new week knowing what Ken is thinking."  - David D.


September 23 11:27AM

"thx for hosting this seminar.  trading etf's for trend following and breakouts are most important to me, thank you."  - David R.


September 23 11:26AM

"I look forward to your next presentation. It is always profitable to look at the market from different viewpoints. Otherwise you get a jaded view that may or may not be correct."  - George M.


September 23 11:26AM

"In such a volatile environment it's always good to have your input, which is generally on the mark. I'm particularly interested in your thoughts on the S&P emini."  - Isabel C.


September 23 11:26AM

"give ideas for trades for next week."  - Vince D.


September 11 9:49AM

"Thanks for the great videos,your explaining of the markets is very precise& I learn a lot from your live trading."  - Geoff B.


September 11 8:20AM

"Very nice briefing. reiterating the basics is always a good idea."  - Stu M.


September 11 5:43AM

"I like the simplicity of the trading plan and Ken's generosity in giving his insight into some of the trades for the week ahead.  It is really useful to have a pro focus in on what's happening as it's often difficult to see the wood for the trees."  - Elefar


September 10 9:16PM

" This gives ideas for the next day or so, it also covers all the trading areas."  - Charles T.


June 15 7:52PM

"I find these videos valuable because its like having another set of eyes looking at what's happening in the markets, which helps in developing a game plan for the week ahead"  - Tom S.


June 14 2:39AM

"Your recommendations on entries and exits are spot on. Your chart analysis is clear and very easy to understand. Trading the Week Ahead is a great informational resource. Please keep producing these excellent videos."  - Phillip B.


June 14 10:15AM

"Thanks for all the hard work you put into these videos, Ken.  They really put the market patterns in perspective, and it is so very helpful for me to see them prior to the onset of the trading week.  Also, the "Run, Trader, Run!" game is great!."  - Shirley R.
Reply from Ken: Thanks, Shirley (and everyone else, too) — glad to hear they're of help. Sometimes it helps put things in perspective, and see what's "most volatile" to keep an eye on for the week ahead. Best wishes.

June 14 2:09AM

" I trade the Swedish market, but I always try to see Ken's webinars because of his way of analyzing the charts. I learn a lot from his education."  - Owe F.


June 14 2:05AM

" I like the idea of knowing what we should be keeping an eye on for potential paper trading. I especially like the clarity of the charts and easy readable fonts, thank you, Ken!..."  - JaniceLynn J.


June 13 7:14PM

"Yes, please do continue your Trading Week Ahead recordings.  I like your insight as to how to trade the week ahead."  - Jonathan S.


June 13 5:01PM

"...I like the way Ken breaks the information down into an easy to understand format"  - Mark A.


June 13 4:28PM

"Thanks Ken really Appreciate the view into youre trade method ,and tips to watch...thanks again"  - Mark G.


June 13 2:39PM

"Your clear explanations of how & why to enter a trade are very excellent. Thanks for showing a professional approach to technical trading. Your videos are great!"  - Barry S.


June 13 12:03PM

"Brilliant, excellent advise/tips, punchy, loads of information covering a wide range, please keep them coming. Loved the game too. Thanks Ken"  - Rebecca M.


June 13 11:58PM

"Very professional. I like seeing what charts you are looking at so I can search for similiar charts on my own. Great Job. Look forward to seeing more of these videos."  - Bill H.


June 12 6:13PM

"Watch list before market allows you to concentrate your focus in fast moving markets."  - Jerome B.


June 12 4:14PM

"Ken, what really resonated with me today was how factual and unemotional you are when you assess the markets...that's why you are successful...you know when to act, when not to and you seem to have mastered keeping your emotions out of the equation and taking advantage of the trend when there is clarity. Thanks for another great video."  - Gregory D.


May 23 9:03AM

"The "Trading Week Ahead" videos keep traders informed on what you do and what traders need to focus on to map out their own personal trading plan for the upcoming week.  Great insights!"  - Larry D.


May 22 9:34PM

"Very informative and helpful. Plese do more of these."  - Bill B.


May 22 9:22PM

"Always apprreciated to hear your ideas and what you are looking at. It helps to give focus to what is happening  in the markets."  - Stephen C.


May 22 5:04PM

"Thank you for sharing your picks for upcoming trading week -great addition and extremely helpful!"  - Ruzena K.


May 22 4:49PM

"The best way to learn is from a master example."  - Tyron P.


May 22 4:38PM

"Ken you have tremendously helped my learning curve when it comes to when to be in the market and when to sit on my hands. Keep up the great work."  - Ed M.


May 22 3:46PM

"Thanks for the great material in your video.  I'm looking forward to reading your article in Stocks and Commodities magazine."  - Keith R.


May 22 3:37PM

"It's great to be able to watch and learn from these actual examples."  - Maria K.


April 4 8:23AM

"nice non pressured way of explaining difficult subject matter"  - Alan G.


April 3 10:18PM

"Very clear instructions on trading ideas for the coming week"  - David W.


January 5 4:41PM

"...it is concise but very instructive and it is a true help to beginners...we must be grateful to you for your generosity..."  - Silvia R


January 5 5:58AM

"Very informative. I really enjoy your insight on the major indices, ETFs and Forex. Thanks very much.Please keep it up."  - Karol H.


January 4 10:35PM

"Very interesting view of the week ahead."  - L.C.


January 4 12:41PM

"Good alerts. provides good insight into your thinking."  - Ron H.


January 4 10:57AM

"This 5 minute video was packed with good information - touched on many things you taught me in the Vegas seminar..."  - Bud S.


January 4 2:29AM

" Ken, Received your e-mail with free stock picks and thanks ever so much...  Appreciate the opportunity!  :)"  - Terry F.


January 3 11:21PM

"Excellent weekly forecast overview for both the major indices and the Forex major pairs - it really helps with your comments on trends and range bound support/resistance levels and potential market direction and entry areas." - Bernard S.


January 3 10:40PM

"very interesting.something new and different." - Gary W.


January 3 10:14PM

"A new way to look at sectors (very broad).  New chart setups.  New material.  Learned from it." - Leonard F.


January 3 6:07PM

"Another wonderfully concise market(s) review with a great teaching points w/indicators and basic technicals of support/resistance." - Dennis D.


January 3 4:36PM

"A wonderful initiative for which the traders must thank you. Crystal clear explanations and interesting tips as always from Ken, I am a fan" - Silvia R.


January 3 3:59PM

"Trading week ahead is by far the best thing I've seen Ken do yet. Short, concise, and thought provoking. I enjoy listening to your direction Ken. Thanks very much!" - Kurt M.


January 3 3:45PM

" i find this of great interest - new to this .  i'll continue to watch and learn ...
thank you" - Alan G.


January 3 1:41PM

"The "Trading Week Ahead" video is great! I really liked how you went over the major stock indices, pointing out the short term trend and support and resistance areas. Going over the oil sector as one of the stronger groups was great. I have attended several of your webinars recently and value your insights into the week ahead! Thanks!" - Michele G.


January 3 1:22PM

"Excellent service done (for) us. Congratulations and thanks" - Helmuth E

January 3 1:03PM

"Thank you Ken, for the free tips.Please keep it up" - Chuck E.

January 3 12:23PM

"Want to know what are the stocks to trade for the coming weeks" - Joseph F.

January 3 12:20PM

"Thanks for the video, Ken.  This is very helpful for a new trader and I always look forward to your comments." - Sandy L.

January 3 12:06PM

"Very clear, I liked that he covered, stocks and Forex." - Sixto Z.

January 3 12:01PM

"I always look forward to learning new market tips from you. I hope to see more of these. Thanks." - Bill H.

January 3 12:01PM

"This is an excellent overview to help one continue to learn in real time your market patterns and projected moves for the week.  It is also extremely helpful for us to be able to view it on demand on the weekend when we are preparing for the next few days of trading.  Thanks so much for sharing your valuable insight." - Shirley R.
Reply from Ken: Hi Shirley, thanks -- and I agree with you; I thought as long as I'm doing my own research for the week ahead each weekend, I might as well make a brief video sharing my thoughts to help others as well.  Hopefully it'll be of value to a lot of traders... and you're certainly welcome.  Have a great week ahead.

January 3 11:57AM

"It's very helpful to know what to be looking for in the week ahead.  Ken has great ideas and I feel comfortable that if I stick with his ideas, I will do well!" - Helen G.

January 3 11:50AM

" It is good for the week's trading ideas." - Peter W.

January 3 11:43AM

"especially look toward the mini s&p and forex... keep'er coming" - dojitrader

January 3 11:36AM

"Great value as always from Ken C" - Harold H.

January 3 11:13AM

"enjoyed video very much . keep it up" - Hassen F.

January 3 11:07AM

"Great market explanations. I seemed to have more clarity about how you find plays when watching your play by play explanations here on the video. Thank you." - Joan F.

January 3 6:57AM

"Thanks for the video Ken, very interesting to see how you get your over view of the market. This is great to see." - Steve A.

January 3 4:45AM

"Ken - it's nice seeing your outlook and top picks on all the different markets...I would like to see more of this. Thanks!" - Joel A.

January 2 10:55PM

"The videos are a great way to start out the week and is usefull in developing a game plan. Hope to see more of them. Thanks Ken..." -Dave D

January 2 10:18PM

"Thanks Ken. Really enjoyed the "quick take" on the market. You keep dropping the "pearls of wisdom" and I'll keep trying to pick them up. My trading has improved significantly since purchasing your products. Keep them coming. Anytime you have time to make these "quickies," I'll be thrilled to listen to them. These are "reinforcers." They reinforce the information that I'm learning from you. Wishing you "better" for 2011 (we can always be better, right? Better trading, better health, better world)." - Helene I.

January 2 7:56PM

"The video is concise, direct and informative. It provides opportunities along with my own finds for the coming week. I would like to see more of these for market guidance." - Bryan P.

January 2 6:22PM

"Thanks for the video. I find it helpful to hear other viewpoints re: recent price action. Probably wouldn't have keyed in into the weakness in of the QQQQ on my own, since I trade the e-mini S&P. Thanks. " - Nandita B.

January 2 5:13PM

"Hi Ken, This is terrific with good explanation and insight on what you think is going to happen this week. It is exactly the kind of thing I like to read and study before Monday morning." - tinslinger

January 2 4:18PM

"hi Ken Nice job, I always value your insight and tips." - Hhbi

Note: testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other clients,
and testimonials are no guarantee of future performance nor success.

Thanks to all who've recently posted comments, I appreciate it.  Thank you for helping make this team effort such a success with traders worldwide.

Colorado Springs, Colorado
United States of America
10:46am EST

Hi Traders,

Over the years I've gotten many emails from traders asking questions like "Ken, what do you think is going to move next week, for the biggest breakouts?"   For years, I've offered stock day and swing traders my monthly ChartScans alerts service (check out the newly updated site if you wish; it's private-access for system owners only now however, as an add-on service).  Now I've got a new video service, including no-cost previews so you can see what it's all about.

Until now, I've never had any video showing a you a fast "inside track" for my favorite top stocks, ETFs, forex pairs and e-mini moves coming up for the week ahead.   Starting summer 2011, I'll be offering both a free and premium version of my "Trading Week Ahead" video for active traders; stay tuned via email for updates and new releases. 

As my schedule is too busy to record a new video to offer every single week, instead I'll likely try doing one or two each month, which will be helpful for helping you see what's "in motion" for the upcoming trading week. It's a great way to see what's moving for the week ahead, along with a quick market commentary. 

The goal of this is to be brief, focused and useful to learn from... you'll see "what's hot" for the upcoming week, based on what I've scanned through during the weekend before each video is posted.... sound good?

Best wishes for successful trading,

Ken Calhoun, President
(888) 414-5055

Who Is This Well-Respected Active Trader Ken Calhoun, Anyways?

Ken Calhoun is President of Daytrading University.com, TradeMastery.com and StockTradingSuccess.com (with Steve Nison). Having provided online training to active traders from over 32 countries since 1999, he is an internationally published trader who's earned industry awards and critical acclaim from traders around the world for his professional trading systems.

Featured in leading trade publications and events including Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine, Active Trader Magazine, Moneyshow's Traders Expos, theStreet.com, and CBS Marketwatch.com, Ken has been a popular figure in the active trading scene for over a decade, and has co-produced two bestselling stock trading DVD systems with Steve Nison.


Although He's a UCLA Grad and Former Corporate Quality Engineer, Discovering How To Trade Still Took Him YEARS to "Learn How it Really Works"

Ken Calhoun will tell you he made every mistake in the book (and then some) on the path to learning how to trade correctly. Now he's able to make thoughtful trade entries, thanks to meticulous testing and experimenting to find out what works best, updated for each week's markets. As a former corporate quality engineer and statistician, dozens of Fortune 500 companies (including Ford, McDonnell Douglas, Sheraton, Chevron and Rockwell International) relied on him to help them improve operations and "the numbers"... he took this experience to help him learn how to trade, and he's thrilled with what he's learned.

As an internationally published business management consultant, Ken previously trained over 31,000 people in over 147 companies worldwide. He took his profits from his successful consulting career and discovered the world of active stock trading, where he's been working to help other traders use precision, advanced trading strategies in their trades. You can see some samples of a few of his actual recent trades at his popular www.TradingTalk.com forum.

Ken's Daytrading University site has been trusted by over 8,100 traders worldwide to learn how to swing and day trade stocks, and is considered a premiere resource for active traders. He has interviewed Brian Tracy, Toni Turner, Dr. Van K. Tharp, Larry Levin, Steve Nison, Kathy Lien, Boris Schlossberg, Dr. Doug Hirschhorn and others and is a popular, sought-after seminar speaker and industry figure with credibility.

Unlike the majority of people in the trading industry, Ken is a genuine trader and has helped thousands of traders since 1999, when he first founded the Daytrading University.

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